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Latitude Longitude Date Year Notes Species Presence
-34.91667-55.8166701/091991Pastorino, 1993. Banco de Dados CBEIH. Acesso: 17/07/12Limnoperna fortuneiYes
-34.99952-57.9827401/011991Pastorino, et al. 1993. (apud Otto Netto, 2011)Limnoperna fortuneiYes
35.45066136.5975001/011991Aichi Institute of Technology - Distribuição de pesquisa em Yahagi Limnoperna lacustrisLimnoperna fortuneiYes
35.04876136.7117901/011990Sawai Y, The Biology and Environmental Factors of Limnoperna Fortunei Along the Waters of the Yahagi RiverLimnoperna fortuneiYes
24.95719121.5355801/051986 Du-Yao Haung. Growth and Population Dynamic of the L. fortunei in Taoyuan Irrigation DitchLimnoperna fortuneiYes